References from our customers

I'm happy with the result! Took some days to get my teeth more white, but they actually are brighter! Big THANK YOU to the nice support team! :)

Sean (19), USA

I was a bit sceptical at first, but trying out the toothpaste I can say it actually did make them more white!😄

Marcus (23), GB

I don't know if my teeth became more white or if it just takes longer to brighten up.

Nelly (22), France

I bought the set and I can recommend that to everyone, because I don't think e.g. the toothpaste alone is doing as much as the whole set. Happy with the result!

Keith (35), Australia

I bought the entire set for fun with the Halloween-Coupon and I honestly wasn't expecting much, but I'm very impressed with the result! I will buy again! ;)

Kristina (21), Germany
White One (?), Worldwide

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